The 2013 Stableford Handicap Championship will be returning to Kerrville and Riverhill Country Club from August 2-4.  The club has long been one of the biggest supporters of the Texas Golf Association, and this convivial host is the ideal setting for this unique event. The TGA is proud to continue its partnership with Riverhill and looks to build upon the increasing popularity of the Stableford in recent years.


Known for its scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere, Riverhill is the centerpiece of a 1,100-acre master planned community that opened in 1974. Stuart and Sherman Hunt of Dallas, founders of Riverhill, hired Joe Finger and Byron Nelson to design the 18-hole layout. Nelson, in fact, was so enamored of the place that he remained a property owner for the remainder of his life.


Consistently rated in the top fifty golf courses in Texas, Riverhill gets very high marks from members and guests alike for its playability. The interesting mix of uphill and downhill holes, winding through tree-lined fairways, keeps golfers on their toes throughout the round and makes this classic a challenging, yet enjoyable experience for all. The course will play approximately 6,500 yards for the championship, with a par of 36-36 – 72.


Entries in the Stableford Handicap are open to male amateur golfers with a GHIN Handicap Index of up of to 20.0, and who are 21 years of age or older by the tournament start date. Please Reference “TGA Policies and Procedures” for further details.


The format for the tournament is scheduled for 54 holes using Modified Stableford Scoring System. Teams will be pre-flighted based on the two players’ combined handicap indexes. The handicap indexes used for the competition will come from the “Effective Revision Date” of July 15, 2012. Total score for 54 holes will be used to determine final standings in each flight. The overall winner will be the team with the most plus points or fewest minus points, regardless of flight.  The first two rounds will begin off #1 and #10 tees by flight.  A shotgun start will be used for the final round only.


Under the Modified Stableford Scoring System (see below for more) points are awarded for the score a player makes at each hole – one point for bogey, two for par, three for birdie, and four for eagle. Each team has a pre-assigned quota of points to earn, which is 72 less 90% of the sum of each player’s course handicap.  The quota is adjusted each day by 50% of the team’s excess or deficit.


Day 1 Team Quota = 72 points, less the sum of 90% of each players course handicap.  Day 2 & 3 Quotas = Prior day’s quota adjusted by ½ of the previous days excess or deficit.


Each team will have a pre-assigned quota based on the Stableford scoring system as shown above. The first round quota is 72 points, less 90% of the sum of each player’s course handicap. Example – Player A has a course handicap of 14.5  X .90 = 13.  Player B has a course handicap of 10 X .90 = 9. The combined team handicap is 22. The team quota is 72-22 = 50.


The quota will be adjusted by ½ of the excess or deficit at the completion of each round for the next day’s quota.



Team “A” has a quota of 50 points for round one. They score 45 points in round one, and their round two quota is adjusted by 50% of that deficit, making it 47.5 points. At the end of round one they stand at -5.0.

In round two they score 50 points, which gives them a +2.5 for that day. Their two day total is now -2.5. Their third round quota is adjusted by 50% of the excess of round two (+1.25), which makes their third round quota 48.75.   Team “A” again scores 50 points in round three, for a +1.25 for that round. Their three day total and final total score is -1.25.


In the 2012 Stableford Handicap at Riverhill Country Club, the team of John Shirley and Johnny Davis claimed the overall title as well the Kite Flight. Scott Waltrip and Randy Bumstead emerged victorious in the Hogan Flight, with Michael Pacillio and Butch Vaut capturing first place in the Nelson Flight. In the Crenshaw Flight, it was the duo of Richard LeBlanc and Trey Wesson coming out on top.