The Austin area conference of the TGA state league play’s 2013 season cold not have been more evenly matched. At the end of the regular season the teams of Twin Creeks CC, The Hills CC, UT Golf Club, and Horseshoe Bay all ended up with identical records of 3-3. Byvirtue of the established tie breaker the team with the most points accumulated during the regular season would be the winner.

As fate would have it, both The Hills CC and UT Golf Club both had earned 38.5 points this season. The next tie breaker was head to head record, and UT Golf Club had managed to beat The Hills CC in both meetings and therefore earned the conference winner honors for 2013.

In case you were wondering if the two teams had split their matches, then points earned against that team would have been used. If still tied, the team who earned the most points in their last road match would have been used to declare the winner.

Congratulations to UT Golf Club who will be making their second appearance in the league championships.