Kerrville, TX – The Stableford Handicap returned to Riverhill Country Club  and opened with a day of great scoring conditions.  With a firm golf course and very little wind, many teams were able to post solid opening rounds to position themselves for a run at the state championship title.  Eight teams were able to better their quotas during the first round, leading to crowded leader boards in each of the four flights.

The team of Robert Cheaney and Edward Leutsch have a 7 point lead in the Hogan Flight after an opening round of +5 points.  Cheaney and Leutsch were the only team in their flight to better their quota and also sit just 4 points off the overall lead.  Harold Danford and Gary Cochrane, Riverhill CC members, are in second place after a first round of -2 points.  In the Nelson Flight, Alan Culberson and Jerry Weathersby hold a slim 1 point lead thanks to a first round of +2 points.  The team of Rick Turner and Danny Hardy are sitting in second place at +1 points, while many teams are well positioned for the weekend.

The Crenshaw Flight saw 3 teams better their quotas on day one, but Michael Pacillio and Butch Vaut posted the best number of the day at +9 points.  Michael Pacillio carded one of his best rounds ever and Butch Vaut played consistently to help the team vault to the top of the leader board.  Ron Henson and Jim Spillane sit 6 points of the flight and overall lead after a round of +3 points.  In the Kite Flight, Larry and Christopher Garner fired a first round of +6 points to lead 3 points and also tied for second in the overall championship.  Korby Keeney and Tony Gann are in second place in the flight thanks to a first round of +3 points.

The format for the tournament is scheduled for 54 holes using Modified Stableford Scoring System. Teams will be pre-flighted based on the two players’ combined handicap indexes. Total score for 54 holes will be used to determine final standings in each flight. The overall winner will be the team with the most plus points or fewest minus points, regardless of flight.  Under the Modified Stableford Scoring System (see below for more) points are awarded for the score a player makes at each hole – one point for bogey, two for par, three for birdie, and four for eagle. Each team has a pre-assigned quota of points to earn, which is 72 less 90% of the sum of each player’s course handicap.  The quota is adjusted each day by 50% of the team’s excess or deficit.  Day 1 Team Quota = 72 points, less the sum of 90% of each players course handicap.  Day 2 & 3 Quotas = Prior day’s quota adjusted by ½ of the previous days excess or deficit.