Michael Pacillio and Butch Vaut Win Stableford Handicap

Kerrville –  Low scores were the theme of the day on Sunday at the Stableford Handicap.  The teams took full advantage of the great greens and scoring conditions to post low numbers in the final round.  Twenty-one teams fired rounds of positive points to move up the leader board.  In the end, nobody could catch Michael Pacillio and Butch Vaut who claimed their first state championship victory.

Robert Cheaney and Edward Leutsch led wire-to-wire on their way to victory in the Hogan Flight.  Cheaney and Leutsch needed every last point, as they won the flight by just 0.75 points.  Harold Danford and Gary Cochrane made a hard charge with a final round of +8.5 points.  Danford made a hole-in-one on the 17th hole to make things interesting, but they couldn’t quite make up the deficit.  In the Nelson Flight, the father-son duo of David and DJ Allen cruised to an 8.5 point victory.  The Allens posted their second consecutive round of +2 points to take the title.  Michael Russell and Ben Bratteli used a final round of +4.5 points to vault up the leader board into second place.

Michael Pacillio and Butch Vaut simply couldn’t be stopped in the Crenshaw Flight with a total of +13.75 points for the week.  The round was also good enough for Pacillio and Vaut to claim the overall championship by 6.75 points.  Bob Engel and Kenneth Melber held on for second place in the flight with a total of -2.25 points.  In the Kite Flight, Larry and Chris Garner struggled in the final round, but still managed to claim the title by 8.5 points.  The Garners posted positive point rounds on the first two days, but a final round of -3 points left them in second place in the overall championship.  Claud Jacobs and Ron Seerden jumped up the standings to claim second place in the flight. 

The format for the tournament was 54 holes using Modified Stableford Scoring System. Teams were pre-flighted based on the two players’ combined handicap indexes. Total score for 54 holes were used to determine final standings in each flight. The overall winner was the team with the most plus points or fewest minus points, regardless of flight.  Under the Modified Stableford Scoring System (see below for more) points are awarded for the score a player makes at each hole – one point for bogey, two for par, three for birdie, and four for eagle. Each team had a pre-assigned quota of points to earn, which is 72 less 90% of the sum of each player’s course handicap.  The quota was adjusted each day by 50% of the team’s excess or deficit.  Day 1 Team Quota = 72 points, less the sum of 90% of each players course handicap.  Day 2 & 3 Quotas = Prior day’s quota adjusted by ½ of the previous days excess or deficit.