KERRVILLE – Alan Culberson of Victoria and Jerry Weathersby of Montgomery put together an impressive round at the TGA Stableford Handicap Championship, scoring nine points over their quota. With a combined total of 23 pars and two birdies, both Culberson and Weathersby turned in 31 points for their team.  
Culberson and Weathersby also hold the overall point lead for the tournament going into Sunday’s final round at +5 over quota. The defending champs, Michael Pacillio and Butch Vaut, came back from Friday’s round and now sit at a +2 over quota through 36 holes. That puts them in second place in both the Nelson Flight and overall in the tournament.
Jessie Pierce and Robert Cheaney hold first place in the Hogan Flight after scoring 1.5 points under their quota for the round. Both players equally contributed, as Pierce scored 30 points and Cheaney scored the remaining 29. That put them at -.5 under quota after 36-holes. Randy Bumstead and Scott Waltrip continue to play consistent golf by scoring +1.5 points over their quota. Waltrip carried most of the load, as he birdied six holes and parred the remaining 12 to score 42 of the team’s 67 points. 
In the Crenshaw Flight, there’s a battle for the top spot between teams of Dwayne Johnson/Bruce Beeler and Marty Sorell/Carl Browning. Both with a two round totals of -1 under quota. Johnson and Beeler combined for 15 pars and two birdies in the second round. Browning parred nine holes, and Sorell made par on seven holes. 
Brian Jaks of Brenham and Daron Calhoun of The Woodlands remain in the driver’s seat of the Kite Flight.  Jaks and Calhoun shot their exact quota Saturday. They’ll start Sunday’s final round at two points below their quota. 
The final round of the 2014 Stableford Handicap picks back up Sunday morning at 8 a.m. at Riverhill Country Club.