As part of a longstanding cooperative effort to provide service to the game and enhance understanding about the Rules of Golf, the USGA and the PGA of America will again conduct Rules of Golf workshops around the United States in 2017.
These workshops are open to the public and bring together several of the foremost Rules of Golf educators in the game, with the goal of making the Rules accessible to anyone who wishes to learn more about them or sharpen their existing knowledge. 
In 2017, 19 workshops, in 3 ½-day and 2-day formats, will be offered throughout the country from January through March. These programs are led by two instructors, one affiliated with the United States Golf Association and one with the PGA of America.
There are two workshops scheduled in Texas in 2017. The first will be held in Dallas from January 13-16, and the second in Houston from February 10-13.
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