The Texas Golf Association, in collaboration with the Women’s Golf Alliance (WGA), is pleased to announce its support of Women’s Golf Day (WGD), a global golf initiative set for Tuesday, June 6, 2017.
Women’s Golf Day is an opportunity for women and girls to experience golf for the first time in a fun and non-intimidating environment. Participants of all ages can either take a golf lesson or play nine holes of golf with others who are playing for the first time or have been playing for years.
The event also encourages former golfers to “dust off their clubs” and come back to the sport through Women’s Golf Day. Adding to the event’s “fun factor” is a social networking reception to be enjoyed by all attendees.
The TGA, a member of the Women’s Golf Alliance, is part of one of the fastest-growing, female-centric collaborations of state and regional golf associations, who made its commitment to support the Women’s Golf Day initiative during the annual WARM Conference, held recently in Phoenix, Ariz.
The TGA and its members will help promote Women’s Golf Day, a one-day, four-hour growth of the game event. Some TGA members will serve on planning and welcoming committees at WGD venues, others will serve as mentors during the clinic component and/or as speakers during social networking sessions where they’ll provide insight about further golf opportunities for women.
“Women’s Golf Day is a great way to shine a light on all of the opportunities available for women to engage in golf. It’s also powerful to know that there are women in California, Wisconsin and even Poland and Australia playing and learning golf at the same time,” said Leslie Henry, who is a TGA Board Member and chairs the Women’s Texas Golf Association Committee (WTGAC). 
TGA Member Clubs hosting Women’s Golf Day events are encouraged to visit for promotional materials and additional information. To learn more about Women’s Golf Day 2017, how to register as a host facility or participate as an attendee, visit: