Since its inception in 2006, Texas League Play has greatly expanded the appeal of interclub matches all across the state. The team match play competition that utilizes the USGA Handicap System to level the playing field for competitors of all skill levels presents TGA Member Clubs with a unique opportunity to engage with their members. The thrill golfers get out of playing for their home club in Texas League Play is an amazing way to provide high-energy fun, build camaraderie, boost club spirit and strengthen member relationships.

With the TGA organizing and administering Texas League Play, participation is a breeze. A team is made up of seven members, plus a PGA professional from the club. Each team can have as many players as it wants, but only eight players are needed for each match. To ensure flexibility in scheduling, most clubs or courses stock their rosters with enough players to field eight players on a given day.

Each team plays a home-and-away series against the other teams in its conference. Regional conferences, comprised of four teams each, are formed within defined geographical areas (meaning within reasonable driving distance from one another). The exact number of conferences varies from year to year based on how many clubs sign up. In 2017, for example, there were 13 conferences and 52 teams from all over the Lone Star State.

Each team match consists of four Four-Ball matches. The scoring is similar to a Nassau: there’s one point at stake for the front nine, one for the back nine and one for the overall 18 holes. That adds up to a total of 12 points at stake for every team match. The first team to post 6.5 points wins the team match.

Three of the four matches in each team match are played with net scoring. Highlighting the inclusive nature of the competitions, golfers of all skill levels are welcome. Only the first match in each team match is played as a scratch game. The other three Four-Ball matches use 100 percent of each player’s Low GHIN Handicap Index over a 12-month period.

The first two Four-Ball matches are played at about 6,800 total yards. The third and fourth matches are played at about 6,500 yards, which is tailor-made for higher-handicap players.

At the conclusion of the regular season, which runs from March 5 through May 13, each conference champion is invited to the League Play Finals at Horseshoe Bay Resort. Taking place in the first weekend in June, clubs are seeded based on the points they accumulated throughout the regular season. Once seeded, clubs play in a single elimination bracket over the course of four days to determine the overall champion.

For more detailed information about Texas League Play, CLICK HERE. If you think your members would enjoy being part of this unforgettable golf experience and need some help getting started, please contact Neil Gilman, TGA Tournament Manager and chief administrator of Texas League Play, at (214) 468-8942.