Texas is fortunate to have so many avid women golfers who are passionate about the game and eager to tee it up every chance they get. They are very involved at the local level, signing up for club events, taking an active role in their women’s golf association and playing in numerous charity outings.

Unfortunately, though, not nearly enough take the opportunity to participate in TGA Women’s statewide championships, where every year hundreds of women golfers of all skill levels compete against one another on the state’s best golf courses.

Perhaps they think they’re not good enough or that the experience would be too intense. Maybe they feel intimidated or worry about feeling unwelcome because they’re new to the tournament scene. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Here at the TGA, we take great pride in organizing these championships for all our members and creating an atmosphere of inclusivity.

Studies show that increasing social connections among women golfers increases their participation and engagement at all levels. Studies also show that women spend more on lessons and bring significantly more juniors into the game – two characteristics that are critical and beneficial to golf at the local club level.  We’re hoping our Member Clubs will encourage their women golfers to sign up for a TGA Women’s event this year so they can see for themselves how much fun it can be, expand their social networks and generally play more golf! Contrary to what they might think, there really is something for everyone on the annual schedule, no matter what their age or handicap index.

All of the tournaments on the TGA Women’s Competitions Calendar are purposefully designed to accommodate everyone who loves to play. In TGA Women’s championships, players and/or teams are flighted based on their GHIN Handicap Index. Depending on the field size, there can be as many as eight flights with handicaps ranging from +4 to more than 30.0.

The wide variety of tournament formats also appeal to a broad spectrum of players. For instance, the 2018 season kicked off with the Women’s Eclectic at Onion Creek Club in Austin. One of the more popular events each year, the format for the Eclectic is 36-hole individual stroke play where each player takes her better score on each hole over the two days. Players look forward to The Eclectic as a great way to knock off some rust at the start of the season in what amounts to an 18-hole mulligan!  There was a full field of 112 players competing in a total of seven flights, with Gross and Net winners in each flight.  

The Eclectic is just one example of how different tournament formats help make TGA Women’s events fun and all-embracing for every type of golfer. Other championship formats on the annual schedule include stroke play, match play, four-ball, quota system and Chapman System Stroke Play, also known as the Pinehurst format.

This year the TGA also introduced the Women’s Mid-Amateur Series, a group of one-day outings for women who work or just have trouble finding a way to squeeze golf into a busy schedule. Each event is held on a Saturday in a major metropolitan area and only requires one day to participate. Prizes are awarded for Gross and Net Divisions, so golfers of all ability levels are welcome.

We’re proud of the fact that some of the best women golfers in the country hail from Texas. We’re equally proud that these fierce competitors, along with all the others who play in our tournaments, have a keen interest in growing the game and an eagerness to help others get started.

At any TGA Women’s event you’ll find veteran players taking time out to offer newcomers ideas on course management strategy, how to play different shots, travel tips or sharing a laugh after the round. These prominent women amateurs know that above all else the real name of the game is fun and great camaraderie.

There are tons of benefits associated with signing up for a TGA Women’s championship such as the opportunity to play some of the state’s best courses, rekindling a passion for the game, getting better, winning stuff and building lasting friendships with people you may have otherwise never met.
The main idea we’d like our Member Clubs to impart to their women members is that TGA Women’s championships are for everybody. No matter if a player wants to hone their game in an effort to join the LPGA Tour, knock some rust off after a long layoff or are just looking to challenge themselves, the TGA Women’s community is a place where any player at any skill level can have fun and feel welcome.