The TGA launched the Golf 101 initiative in 2017 as a way to introduce women of all ages to the game. The program also is geared toward women who are getting back into the game after a break. It’s not just for beginners.
Golf 101 is designed to help women get more involved in the game through friendly, welcoming get-togethers. The goal is to give women with little or no experience in golf the confidence to get out on the course on their own, through a series of group lessons with an experienced PGA/LPGA instructor, as well as building relationships with more experienced golfers.
Golf courses can be intimidating places for newcomers and returnees to the game. Golf 101 relieves any anxiety women may feel by providing a fun and highly inclusive environment where everyone is welcome. By hosting a Golf 101 program, TGA Member Clubs can attract new players to their facility or encourage existing female members to take up the game.

Maulana Dotch, the Head Professional at Cedar Crest Golf Course in Dallas, is a Golf 101 instructor. She’s one of several throughout the state. Having played golf since the age of 12, Dotch has a passion for the game. She also has a desire to get women more involved in the game, which is why she hosted a Golf 101 program in April.
“When I became a golf professional, one thing I said that I was going to really focus on was getting more women and more girls playing golf,” Dotch said.
Dotch says she didn’t have any friends who played golf when she started, so Golf 101’s goal of getting women more involved in the game really hit home with her.
“It’s definitely personal with me,” she said. “I have the ladies come out because I want them to have that camaraderie. That’s what’s great about it because these ladies never would’ve met any other way.”
Golf 101 provides women with the opportunity to meet like-minded women and grow together through golf. Through five weekly sessions, women can gain the knowledge and confidence to play golf on their own, or with other women they meet through the program.
“There are tons of bridges that can be made; relationships to be built through the game,” Dotch said. “Everybody’s from completely different industries that cross paths just because of golf.”
Indian Creek Golf Club in Carrollton is currently conducting Golf 101 classes every Wednesday during the month of May. The TGA is planning on having more Golf 101 sessions scheduled soon. If your club is interested in learning more about Golf 101 or hosting an upcoming session, please contact Stacy Dennis, TGA Managing Director of Membership Services, at 214.468.8942.