Feb 2019 Issue
Surely by now you’ve heard or read something about the new, modernized version of the Rules of Golf that went into effect on Jan. 1. The wide-ranging update – designed to be more in tune with the way the modern sport is played – was years in the making. It’s the most extensive revision in decades to the Rules, and they bring with them an assortment of changes that will impact golfers at all levels.
The premise guiding officials with the USGA and R&A in writing the new Rules was to make them easier to understand and apply. In turn, the changes – specifically the relaxing of certain rules where the punishment was more severe than warranted – are likely to encourage improved pace of play and make the game a more enjoyable experience for all.
To help better understand the changes, the TGA has created a centralized “Rules Hub,” which directs golfers to all the necessary information on the new Rules.

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