Wichita Falls – The North Team defeated the South Team 34-14 at Wichita Falls Country Club and set the record for most points scored in the Jackie Burke Cup Matches and took the overall series lead 8-7.

Briefly: The previous record for most points was 32 by the North Team at Miramont Country Club in 2008. The North Team hadn’t lost a match until Sunday’s Singles matches and eclipsed the 30-point mark for the fourth time in event history. The North has won or retained the cup each of the last six years and now leads the overall series 8-7.

Scoring Summary:                                                                                                      

(North) Dallas Hankamer & Michael Heidelbaugh def. Zach Heffernan & Treed Huang 8 & 6
(North) Brian Boles & Henry Frizzell def. Jackson Davenport & Hanseung Chang 1-up
(North) Gaven Lane & Brody Hanley tied Zach Kingsland & Shaheen Momin
(North) Matthew Comegys & Kevin Watts def. Davis Archer & Jacob Salazar 3 & 2
(North) Andrew Petruzzelli & Ben Delarosa tied Grant Yerger & Trenton Mierl
(North) Estelle Seon & Gabbi Bentancourt tied Tillie Claggett & Estelle Seon
(North) Henry Frizzell & Brian Boles def. Treed Huang and Shaheen Momin 2 & 1
(North) Gaven Lane & Michael Heidelbaugh def. Jackson Davenport & Hanseung Chang 2-up
(North) Matthew Comegys & Dallas Hankamer def. Zach Heffernan & Zachary Kingsland 2 & 1
(North) Brody Hanley & Kevin Watts def. Davis Archer & Jacob Salazar 3 & 1
(North) Andrew Petruzzelli & Ben Delarosa def. Grant Yerger & Trenton Mierl 5 & 4
(North) Estelle Seon & Gabbi Bentancourt def. Elina Sinz & Tillie Claggett 2 & 1
(North) Kevin Watts def. Jacob Salazar 2-up
(North) Brian Boles def. Zach Heffernan 2 & 1
(North) Henry Frizzell tied Zachary Kingsland
(North) Matthew Comegys def. Davis Archer 2 & 1
(North) Ben Delarosa def. Trenton Mierl 4 & 3
(North) Andrew Petruzzelli tied Grant Yerger
(South) Tillie Claggett def. Estelle Seon 2 & 1
(South) Elina Sinz def. Gabbi Bentancourt 2 & 1
(South) Treed Huang def. Brody Hanley 8 & 7
(North) Gaven Lane tied Jackson Davenport
(South) Hanseung Chang def. Michael Heidelbaugh 1-up
(North) Dallas Hankamer def. Shaheen Momin 1-up

Briefly: Treed Huang won the first match for the South with an 8 & 7 victory over Brody Hanley, but the North caught wins from Kevin Watts and Brian Boles early on and secured the Jackie Burke Cup victory for 2019. Matthew Comegys, Ben Delarosa and Dallas Hankamer each won their singles matches for the North, while Tillie Claggett, Elina Sinz and Hanseung Chang won their matches for the South.

Host Club: Wichita Falls Country Club is hosting the Jackie Burke Cup Matches for the first time in the event’s 15-year history. The club opened in 1914 and was redesigned by Weibring-Wolfard Golf Design in 2008. The course features narrow fairways along with elevated greens that are rolling well this weekend.

Jackie Burke Cup History: The Jackie Burke Cup is the season-ending event for the Legends Junior Tour and based off the Ryder Cup. The top 12 players from South Texas face off against the top 12 players from North Texas based on the LJT Player of the Year Standings. The tournament features three rounds of match play with players competing in Four-ball matches, Foursome matches and Singles matches.

Event History: The North has won or retained the Jackie Burke Cup each of the last six years and now leads the overall series even at 8-7. Grace Do is the captain of the North Squad, while Annika Clark is the captain of the South Squad. Both players competed with the Legends Junior Tour and then competed collegiately at Texas Christian University.

Weather: The weather was perfect for the second-straight day at the Jackie Burke Cup matches. Temperatures ranged from 40 to 70 degrees throughout the morning with less than 10 miles per hour of wind in the final round.

What’s Next: The Jackie Burke Cup concludes another great LJT season. The next event for the Legends Junior Tour is the Alamo Shootout, which is heading to Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club on December 14-15.  

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