The World Handicap System officially becomes effective Jan. 1; however, you won’t notice a change in your Handicap Index until Jan. 6. Due to the USGA’s goal to ensure every Handicap Index in the U.S. is centrally computed and the integrity of the new system remains intact during the changeover, the current system will be turned off Jan. 1-5.
As a result, golfers will not be able to post scores within the GHIN system (kiosk, website and app) during the five-day shutdown. On Jan. 6, the WHS will take effect and golfers can post any scores recorded between Jan. 1-5 as part of the new WHS. Also, starting Jan. 6, golfers who post their scores on the day they play can view their new index the following morning on the TGA or GHIN app or at
The WHS was developed through the collaboration of the USGA, R&A and worldwide handicapping authorities. The main objectives are to encourage as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a Handicap Index, enable golfers of differing abilities, genders and nationalities to transport their Handicap Index globally and indicate with sufficient accuracy the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving on any course around the world.
For more information on the WHS, click here.