Volunteer Paul Marchand

Paul Marchand bleeds maroon and white. He dons the Aggie logo on his daily apparel and loves Texas A&M University. The die-hard fan calls Traditions Club in Aggieland home; and though it might surprise some to learn he doesn’t own a gold Texas A&M class ring.

“Well, I graduated from Baylor,” Marchand said. “But my wife and I are Aggies at heart, and it’s a great place to live. There is a lot to do in association with the school.”

Marchand’s daughter attended Texas A&M from 2007-11, and over the years he became involved with the university. In 2008, the former avid amateur golfer started to volunteer with the Texas A&M Men’s and Women’s golf programs. He started as a spotter for the Aggie Invitational and eventually served as a volunteer Tournament Director for the 2011 NCAA Women’s Golf National Championship at Traditions Club in Bryan.

“Through my involvement with the Aggie golf teams, I met a guy named Larry Cooper, who was the USGA Regional Affairs Committee Member,” Marchand said. “I asked him how he got involved with Rules officiating and he pointed me toward the Texas Golf Association.”

In 2012, Marchand contacted the TGA and attended a PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop. The Aggie golf volunteer quickly became involved with TGA Volunteer Program.

“I wanted to continue to give back to the game of golf,” Marchand said. “It has provided me with a lot enjoyment, a lot of fellowship and I wanted to see how I could help grow the game.”

Marchand’s dedication to the TGA was evident from his first tournament. He leaned on the experience of longtime TGA volunteers and eventually was named a TGA Board of Director in 2013.

“I was extremely fortunate to meet Bobby Grabstald (TGA Volunteer since 2002), Nick Bramlet (TGA Volunteer since 2007) and Woody Fail (TGA Volunteer since 2007),” Marchand said. “They took me under my wing as I started to get involved with the TGA and they were very influential on where I am today as a Rules Official and Board of Director.”

Today, Marchand serves on the Executive Committee and Chairs the TGA Championships Committee. He says his goal is to provide support to the TGA and game of golf.

“I believe the TGA is one of the best golf associations in the United States,” Marchand said. “It is all about the team effort and the TGA does a great job of building a very good team.”

The reward from volunteering and giving back to the game has been a focus of Marchand since his first Aggie Invitational. Now as one of the influencers on the game of golf through his leadership at the TGA, his passion for giving back has not changed.

“I didn’t get into this to go work the U.S. Open or get on TV,” Marchand said. “I’ll climb the ladder as high as it’ll take me, but my goal is to be able to give back to the game, develop relations and help grow the game as much as we possibly can.”

The TGA extends its sincere appreciation to Paul for his efforts in making our championships a success. The work and dedication from all our volunteers allows the TGA to grow and continue to support the game we all love.

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